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hey there!

hey there!

Hi, I'm Susan, Your Go-To
"Live FREE Now" 
Legacy Coach.

I equip Visionary Believers, just like you, to Live Fearlessly and Create a powerful transformative game changing life and legacy that creates generational change and impact now with unique peak performance tools, mindset strategies, and community so that you can become the Legacy Game Changer you were born to be!

I've created a simple 5 step process

I've created a simple 
5 step process

that can take you from where you are to where you want to be in your life in record time.  It's for the "hell and backers", the visionaries who know they are made for something more and are ready to embrace what God has been calling them to and put in the work to get there!  

It's time my friend!  

Rise up and become the Legacy Game Changer you were born to be!  

Let's gooooooooooo!

By LIVING FREE (with my secret tips on how you can do that in under 5 min today!) then you will start to rediscover joy in the journey, SEE more opportunities, uplifting relationships and even time, and emotional freedom. 

Hey friend!


I am a Christian Author, Inspirational Speaker, Real Estate Investor, and the Legacy Coach behind and co-founder of Legacy Game Changers. 

I've created, launched, and run multiple successful businesses while homeschooling my 2 children using unique foundational principles and my online & in person marketing strategies. I personally reached thousands of people and helped them increase and expand their capacity for what they are capable of in life, personal, and business. 

I am committed to sharing only the best with my clients so that they can implement a solid foundation to thrive for whatever their future holds, and love helping them streamline & scale in their life and business journeys, all while showing them how to do it making a positive impact on the world.

How can I help you?

How can I help you?


Hire Susan To Speak

Susan Brown is a top energetic peak performance speaker and the highly acclaimed International Bestselling Author of One Year Of Thankful Thursdays.  She is also the creator of the Peace Of Mind Blueprint, the premiere life/legacy program for visionaries, and co-founder of Legacy Game Changers. Speaking to audiences large and small, Susan captivates listeners by connecting with them in a powerful and tangible way using the art of story and relationships to resonate deep in their souls.   Her confidence coupled with her humor and humility will equip the audience to take action to level up right away and enter their world changed, having had an unforgettable and transformative experience.


VIP Coaching

Unlock Your Power with VIP Coaching. It's time to Invest in Yourself.  This is for people who are tired of feeling stuck in your biz and overall life. Let’s lock arms and get you going and in as little as the next 30 days you will have your life and biz simplified, strategically elevated, with all the support you need along the way. 
 Get ready to Elevate.  Say yes to unlocking your true potential today.


Live FREE Now Bundle

The Live FREE Now Bundle comes with everything you need to enrich yours and your family's lives with peace of mind!

With this bundle, you get the Peace Of Mind Blueprint and soooooo much more!  You can get all your stuff organized, in one place, and eliminate all the worry over "what-ifs" for good! 

You can immediately download the Peace of Mind System, and have access to the soon to be released video courses! 

Change Your Family's Future Forever now!
Don't wait! Tomorrow could be too late!



Check out Susan's Books and other products here.
The International Bestseller in 8 categories,    One Year Of Thankful Thursdays.

The brand new release, Bite Size Inspiration.

The Ultimate Love Letter and Legacy Changer, The Peace Of Mind Blueprint.

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

Ready to break free from the status quo? Schedule a free call with Susan and in just 90 days you'll be able to simplify, strategize and elevate your life and business. 
Take action today - it's time to Elevate!

"Susan helps you turn down the noise of this world and tune into the real tangible hope that is in Christ, and gives you the roadmap to get there."

-Patty Aubery
President, Jack Canfield Companies
#1 NY Times Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul

--Patty Aubery, President, Jack Canfield Companies
#1 NY Times Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul

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